Volume & Issue: Volume 09, Issue 1 - Serial Number 14, Winter and Spring 2019 
1. An Investigation into Possible Sources and Health Risks of Phthalic Acid Esters in the Iranian Laminated Flexible Films

Pages 1-10

M. Mizani; F. Rasouli Ghahroudi; A. Zulfiqar; A. R. Milaninejad; H. Khanlarloo

2. Effect of Using Lactobacillus Brevis IBRC-M10790 and Baker’s Yeast on Phytate Degradation of Sourdough and Barbari Bread

Pages 11-18

H. Hadaegh; S. M. Seyyedain Ardabili; M. Tajabadi Ebrahimi; M. Chamani; R. Azizi Nezhad

7. The Occurrence of Acrylamide in Iranian Date Syrup

Pages 65-68

M. Nasrolah; M. Honarvar; M. E. Bahrami; A. Zulfiqar; M. H. Bayat; F. Bahrami; H. Khanlarloo