Volume & Issue: Volume 09, Issue 2 - Serial Number 15, Summer and Autumn 2019 
1. Composition of Seed Flour of Selected Nigerian Tea (Camellia sinensis) Clones – A Comparative Study

Pages 1-10

L. E. Yahaya; C. O. Jayeola; S. O. Ogunwolu; A. Olalekan-Adeniran; A. F. Okunade

2. Detection of Chemical Properties of Ghee Containing Various Levels of Palm Oil and Beef Tallow on RSM

Pages 11-20

S. H. Erfani; M. Ghavami; S. Shoeibi; H. Rastegar; A. Zand Moghaddam

8. Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanocomposite as a Food Packaging

Pages 73-82

M. Pooyamanesh; H. Ahari; A. A. Anvar; G. Karim